Outdoor Products

The comfort of your home kitchen, the freedom of open spaces. Thanks to their modularity, Steel outdoor products can be combined based on any need of space and use.

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Gea Kitchens

Discover the freedom to create your ideal outdoor kitchen! Gea is available in four standard designs, with a choice of three different tops and two finishes, and in other endless configuration possibilities.


45cm to 120cm, to furnish any space, functionally and uncompromisingly.

Sink units

70cm to 120cm, for every space and need.

Refrigerators and ice machine

Compact and functional.

Cook units and tops

Cook unit with brass gas burners, cast iron grids, ample storage space.

Built-in hob

Built-in hob with rapid burner, cast iron grid, stainless steel lid and metal knob.

Barbecue tops

Sizes from 70cm to 90cm and the choice among a variety of barbecue tops that are different in aesthetics, cooking surface, and lid.

Barbecue units

70cm to 90cm stainless steel barbecue units, with barbecue top, insulated double-layer lid and bottle compartment.

Free-standing barbecues

A new perspective on the barbecue as an object: high design, perfection in every detail.