Fatto a mano in Italia
Our design expresses our passion for beauty and functionality. Unique pieces molded in steel, a material we have used for three generations with a culture of doing specifically made in Italy.


Genesi originates from the wish to take home the kitchen of the restaurant. Professionalism, love, and passion; Genesi blends these ingredients up to get the recipe for the ideal kitchen: the one we create day after day.


Elegance is recognizable in the little things. Ascot is sinuous shapes, strong colors, classic beauty: all reinterpreted in a modern, sophisticated design.


Minimal and accurate, meticulous in its details, refined in its style. For those who love simplicity that amazes.


For a vintage environment with strong details that make it stand out. Oxford talks through its visual qualities that give it character.

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Function, dimension, features, aesthetics, colors, trims, technology. Whatever the need or taste, there’s a Steel product that suits.

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